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Hi there! I'm Gabriel Mohr and my intent is to be as regenerative to you and I as I can possibly be! For me this means expanding my consciousness, gaining and processing meaningful knowledge, being psychically whole, meeting as many cool people as I can, looking at life through a spiritual perspective, seeing and feeling the incredible images of my inner world, understanding the truth of it all, sharing what I've learned, sharing tips and tricks for having a healthy mind and body, and sharing what's on my heart!

When I was younger I wanted to be a part of something great, something that was going to change the world. I looked around and found many great thinkers, speakers, artists, and activists but I didn't find who or what I was looking for.

I wanted to promote a project that looked at the mind, sought out the truth of spirituality, had some crazy-cool ideas. I wanted to support someone who genuinely cared about others, someone who knew what they were talking about, someone who was capable of communicating concepts that, when applied, brought people out of depression and into a state of awareness like no one had ever seen. Someone who could think and make conclusions about everything that matters. Someone who was fully integrated and ready to lead me into the depths of the mind and, therefore, meaning itself. Someone who, all around, just… Got it.

I found Carl Jung… He was the person who closest resembled who I wanted to support and learn from. I read his works and eventually found, through no fault of his own, that I was unable to ask him questions or support him because of a disease that, when contracted, makes us pretty unmoving and indifferent to the events of everyday life...

So I decided to become the person I wanted to see. It's a lot to take on, being the one who can straighten out my mind and expand my consciousness, being the one who can think, understand, and come to accurate conclusions. Being the person I want to be is quite crushing at times since I don't want to accept the parts of myself that I absolutely detest! However, I have - and I encourage you to do the same!

I am writing a book on the subject of obtaining and retaining positive power! Within the book I explain why positive power is more valuable than negative or corrupt power, and I give 40+ different perspectives/methods that show you how to obtain and retain as much positive power as you want! To top it off, all of these methods are benefical and healthy in the long term! It's roughly halfway done, and I have purposefully not set a due date for it because I want it to be the best book I ever write, no matter how long it takes!

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